Vier North

About us

Vier was started by a group of friends who were looking for a bar that had a modern feel, large drink selection, and amazing food. Sure, Milwaukee is known for its craft breweries and for having a “bar on every corner”. But Vier North is not meant to be just another local bar. Vier, which is German for four (4), is a nod to our four owners and the historically German neighborhood in which we reside. Previously, our location was home to the iconic Vitucci’s bar. Vier North’s logo utilizes the historic Vitucci’s “V”, as a tribute to our predecessors.

The interior of the building has been redesigned from top to bottom, and now houses the largest single bar top this side of the Mississippi. However, even though we made modern updates to the style, we have preserved the history that lies beneath the boards and throughout the building. The classic façade and refreshed interior provide an open concept layout for a more spacious feel as well as a more efficient manner to serve our patrons. We have even put in retractable garage doors and a new outdoor patio so you can have some food, a few drinks, and enjoy the Wisconsin summers.

We are proud to be from Milwaukee - and even more proud to be from Wisconsin. Come join us on the patio for a drink or stay inside and enjoy a freshly made-to-order sandwich. Whatever your reason for visiting, we guarantee you will have a good time.